the first rule of library club is shh

If you’re looking for tales of the library you’re in completely the wrong place. You see, for the past three years I’ve been making up the entire thing. I never worked at any library. I was just trying to hide the boringness of my real job at the cheese factory. Though we make delicious cheese, my job is not very much to write home about. I have seen the light however, and will commence to tell the truth about my real life at the cheese factory from now onward.

So as not to confuse I got rid of all those fanciful tales of libraries and the interesting funny things that happen at them. (Or could possibly happen in them if I’d ever been behind the scenes of one. Which I haven’t. Ever. Nope. Not even that time you saw me with your own eyes. If those are your real eyes. The ones you use for lying.)

2 thoughts on “the first rule of library club is shh

    • I knew it all along – that you have never even set foot in a library is painfully obvious!
      The characters you described were so patently ridiculous! I mean, really. I worked in a library, which will remain unnamed for reasone of privacy. We had weird people (patrons) and incompetent supervisors, but they were nothing like you describe. Harriet is so not like a real librarian!
      I now hope to read wonderful tales of the cheese factory. But it’s fine by me if you continue to call it a library, even tho we know it really, really isn’t a library at all.

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