book review: voice of the fire

Alan Moore, as far as I know, has withdrawn from comics and is now a zine producing magic lurker in the dark. Good for him. His historical novel, Voice of the Fire, is about the place where he does most of his lurking, Northampton, England. It spans about 6000 years and many linguistic quirks.

The first chapter is told with great difficulty. You can feel that language is a new thing as you read sentences about “I’s gleaning heat water foot mother.” The entire first chapter is a test. There is a story there. It is the basis for everything that comes after. It is very difficult.

As history proceeds the stories are told by witchy women and murderers and templars, judges and a head on a spike. All different but unified by fire and shagfoals and unattached legs.

This book was finished in 1995 or so and was really difficult to find for years. Now though Top Shelf has done a paperback version that you can get anywhere. If you like Alan Moore’s work, it definitely works even without the pictures.

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