book review: a feast for crows

I quite enjoy George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. I don’t read a tonne of fantasy naymore, but this stuff is good. Brutal, political, with characters you quite enjoy every time you see them, especially since you know they could die at basically any moment. A Feast For Crows is interesting in its slightly frustrating way. It focuses on half the characters that one would think would be grabbing the spotlight from the last book. There are huge swathes of the realm that we’re used to reading about that just aren’t present. The rest of the story is promised in A Dance With Dragons, which it amusingly says in the afterword will come out next year. The book was published in 2005. There is no Dance With Dragons. Yet. I want to know what’s been happening with the rest of everyone, but I can’t.

Earlier in 2009 there was a big kerfuffle online about the delays in this next book. It led to an interesting discussion on some of the blogs I read about fan entitlement and how authors aren’t content-producing machines built to churn out what you want on a 12 month schedule. I mean, there are writers like that but that’s called television. Even though I’d love to have the next book in the series right now please, there are loads of other books I can read while I’m waiting.

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