i get pitch by pitch updates for the postseason games while at work which is nice

Work goes along. On Saturday I managed to save a woman’s horrible weekend. There was more to the weekend and the series of events that got her to this point, but when I came in her time was almost up on the computer and she was applying for a job and it wasn’t letting her paste her resume and the job closed tomorrow and and and… Through careful application of two keys on the keyboard (“Ctrl” + “V”) I saved her day. She was almost crying in thanks. It was kind of weird.

Last week I managed to piss off beard lady a couple of times by disagreeing with her. She was angry about how the university paper won’t run her ads anymore and to prove her point she pulled out this issue: “What word do you think of when you look at this?”

“Upside-down” I said.

“No. Gynecology.”

“No. Gynecology is not the first word anyone other than you would think of.”

“Gynecology. And they put this on the cover….”

At this point she’s about to go off on one of her pornography rants and I try to intercept. “No. There is nothing to do with gynecology on the cover of that newspaper.”

So she folds the paper until the tiny strip showing the hem of the girl’s shirt is the only thing visible on the page. “Look. Gynecology.”

“Beard Lady,” I said (using her real name instead of Beard Lady), “That’s all you. You just folded everything to make your point. No one else is doing that. You are wrong. Gynecology is not the word for that cover.”

And then she got all in a huff and left after telling me that my cowrkers said she shouldn’t ever listen to anything I had to say. A couple of days later she was back and I printed off copies of the DVD cover for National Treasure 1 and 2 because she didn’t know which one she’d seen in the theatre. She was kind of testy with me then but we made it through all right.

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