book review: jitterbug perfume

It had been a while since my last Tom Robbins book and Jitterbug Perfume is the one I broke my inadvertent fast with. I can’t remember ever not liking one of his books. They’re always funny and philosophical. This one talks about scent, Pan, immortality and individuality. It’s now my favourite of his.

There’s a whole treatise near the end about evolution bringing consciousness from the reptilian brain to the mammalian brain and soon we will need to transition to the floral brain. That section might not be worth the price of admission alone, but mostly because you need the rest of the book to put it in context. I also love Robbins’ use of puns and other tricks of language as he moves through vaguely serious issues in a vaguely serious but completely irreverent way. There’s something about the scholarly tone he uses mixed up with clever metaphor that I wish I could do myself.

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