movie review: away we go

One of the things about only getting your information from the internet (plus whatever commercials are shown during baseball games before your free cable disappears) is that you can tailor your knowledge very well. So well you eliminate a pile of serendipity. I mean, I get to ignore all the shitty movies I’d never want to see, and don’t get hit by a million commercials for them because of my net habits. (I also learn far more than I’d like about a certain subset of movies I might be tempted to see and now have no desire to, like Terminator Salvation, but this is not the point.) For the most part this is good. But then something shows up on my radar (actually me looking at the listings for the Towne 8) that I had no idea existed, like Away We Go, directed by Sam Mendes who I remember from directing American Beauty.

It’s about a couple in their early thirties deciding where they should live. Verona is six months pregnant. They’re looking for a place. Their jobs can be done anywhere and they want to be close to some sort of friends or family. It’s kind of a “what people do with their lives” road trip movie. That’s it. I loved loved loved it.

Of course it’s pretty much pointed straight at people my age. People who kind of suspect they’re fuckups but don’t want to just live completely by default. Maybe there’s a lot of analysis that would prove why I shouldn’t like the film. Maybe it’s actually horrible. I don’t know. I liked it a lot, even though it made me sad.

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