reorganizing the library

I am now officially antsy about going to China. Even though I’ve got the whole of school-age summer yet to wait. It looks like I’ll be back from that trip before the 09 library reorganization happens, which may or may not be a good thing.

They’ve been sending out these Questions with Answers about the Reorganization (and by “they” I mean “some people in the business office”) that have been somewhat useless since they refuse to say anything that isn’t in bureaucratese. Yesterday though, Question #10 came out. It was a good question, asking what this reorganization meant in simple terms for those who hadn’t been through one before. As the questioner stated, all the emails to this point assume everyone knows what they’re talking about.

The answer to Question #10 was “Look at Libnet” (our library intranet). That’s it. I went to the page they listed and there wasn’t anything. I poked around (since I am a library employee and am capable of finding things on websites) and found a page they probably meant, since it had a section at the bottom labelled Reorganization. In that section was the email management sent to the library staff letting us all know this was happening. That’s it. The bullshit nature of that “answer” to Question #10 pissed me off so I wrote a Question of my own. It was snarky (but not rude) and included specific questions about specific issues that those of us who don’t know what the hell all the corporate jargon means might find enlightening. I have no idea if it’ll be answered but it made me happy to point out what a useless piece of crap they’d answered Question #10 with.

As it is right now there’s just rumour and half remembered bits of what the last reorganization was like. One big thing is that they’re eliminating 3.7 full time equivalents because of 311. Which the library has withdrawn from since it was ridiculously bad for anyone who wanted to use the library. Ever. So it’s been a long term cost-cutting thing that was going to happen pre-“these economic times.” I’m not worried about it right now (I may be when October rolls around if all I can get is 8 hours/week), but if you’re at one of the City’s libraries and your staff seem a little more frayed than usual, this could be why.

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