i like my yellow jacket

Yesterday I worked downstairs (and no I didn’t check out what the department is officially called), which was odd. They don’t really have a lot for you to do down there, so I ended up chatting about cell phones with one of the other guys who was working. I’d always assumed this guy was some business office or at least full timer kind of guy. He’s in his forties and walks around in his sport coat like a person with seniority. And yes he’s been working at the library for 15 years, but is a part timer.

He’s also a bit of an asshole. Complained about the idiots and about cyclists and about mac users and about human rights and about the free wifi and about people who have problems with the computers and about not getting enough hours. And he talked about last year when he was “doing more with stocks” and that’s why he needed a good reliable cell phone. We got off on a wrong foot when a patron came to ask about Simpsons comics and he said they were up on the fourth floor. She said they’d told her there were also some down on the first. So he brings her to the comics section. While they’re gone I check on the computer and found that the teen section had a few checked in. They returned without books and I said “Well it looks like there might be some in the teen section…” and he whirls and snaps at me to “Slow down there! Everybody’s in such a rush.” So I got back to looking up Wesleyan splinter groups in England on Wikipedia (there’s one known as the Peculiar People).

I feel like I should be more confrontational with people who are abrasive assholes, not just let them dominate and drive conversations. But it’s not like I have anything to replace his griping with. So I just let him talk.

Also, free WiFi at the City’s libraries starting yesterday. That’s the public service part of my blog today.

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