full of events

Fun times today at work with the safety orientation. It was all “lift with your legs,” “don’t lean off stepladders,” “tell people when you open trap doors behind them,” and “you can’t do an effective eyewash in a regular tap because it will be too cold for your eye over 20 minutes.” Plus there was a trunk monkey and horror stories of wading pool supervisors being set upon by feral 11-year-olds.

Of course paying much attention to that was kind of hard since management announced the dreaded library staff restructuring via email this morning. Between now and October all of the part-time packages are getting reposted in a grand ol’ free-for-all. Nobody gets to keep their current packages of hours/days. Everybody then reapplies for the new restructured (ie fewer guaranteed hours) packages across the board. So there’s no way in fuck I’ll be getting 17-28.5 hours/week anymore. I’ve heard that jobs downtown tend to get fewer applicants so I might be able to stay downtown, though I might be reassigned to a branch (ideally someplace close to home).

But there’s also the little fact that not only am I basically the most recent LSA3 to start working downtown, I haven’t worked enough hours as an LSA3 to be guaranteed a position as a 3. In the reapplication process I still count as a page. So as I understand it, I could conceivably end up being busted back down to bookstacker. Unless I get up to 800 hours (or whatever the seniority number is) before the reorganization happens, in which case I would have to get an LSA3 position, though it will undoubtedly be fewer hours than I get now. A coworker said he thinks they’ll need all the warm bodies they can get in the LSA3 positions so I probably don’t need to worry.

It’s good that the idea winter will return gives me more angst than this whole job-in-flux issue, isn’t it? I think it’s the proper perspective. I mean, this’ll work out fine; I’ll come out of this mess with a job and a bit less money but the snow will always return, vindictive and jealous of my petty victories in the frolicsome days.

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