the super supernova that will envelop the galaxy

I worked on the main floor yesterday, and the stories are true: you get to say “that’s on the fourth floor” a lot. This is the desk on the main floor by the fiction section. But a kid came in with his mom doing research on Dungeons and Dragons and I did some searching for him and when the D&D for Dummies book was checked out I gave him my favourite local game store’s address, since they know stuff and would be able to help without being too “buy buy buy.”

I saw a couple of our patrons while down there and felt a little disillusioned that they have their own repartee with the staff of other departments. The schizophrenic woman was down there complaining about how slow the second floor is to find stuff for her, and adamant man who must be autistic from before they knew what autism was spent twenty minutes arguing with the people down at the Memberships desk. It was like being a kid and seeing your teacher at the grocery store.

On Friday I saw Star Trek and liked it. In the top three Trek movies. There were holes (see this review) and yeah it wasn’t particularly deep, but it was fun. Kind of like Iron Man was last year. The thing I was happiest with was Karl Urban’s portrayal of McCoy. I was worried McCoy, easily my favourite Original Series character, would get short shrift and he didn’t.

I have no idea how that fleshy prolapsed rectum monster could possibly survive on an icy moon though.

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