book review: halting state

Charles Stross’ Halting State is about a bank robbery in a MMORPG (like World of Warcraft, but it’s the future so it’s some different game). I like most of Stross’ books (the Jennifer Morgue ones don’t do much for me). His characters are competent and witty and they get up to some interesting stuff. There are cool things happening with interesting ideas behind them. The thing I was a bit meh on in this one was the second-person narration. It became invisible quick enough but still.

These things are pretty light reading and the neatness of the ideas are clearly primary. I mean, the characters are easy to root for but in kind of an action movie kind of way. They’re just a vehicle for describing the interesting things that are happening. That’s not a crippling fault by any means, but this doesn’t have the same brain bendingness that something like Accelerando had.

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