movie review: into the wild

This afternoon I watched Into the Wild (2007) and thought long and hard about my lack of balls. Now, I’d never be able to do what the main character of the movie does in the end, heading up into Alaska to live off the land. Nope. You’ve seen me complain about living in a heated insulated place over a winter. And the movie bothered me with all the beautiful blue skies he had up there. Granted it was an Alaskan summer not winter, but still. That there was only one day of horrible weather shown put the lie to the whole enterprise.

But the rest of the travelling he does, well, I probably wouldn’t be able to do any of that either. Sad really. When so much of what I think of myself and try to project has to do with that wanderfooted image. Gah. This was a movie I shouldn’t have watched right now. Stirs up too much guilt and hope. I blame Aileen.

What day was it today? Tuesday I guess. Must be. In two days I’ll be getting ready to hit the road in my own meagre way. Paying for the wheels conveying me. Like a wannabe chump.

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