how would you pronounce archeparchy?

It seems to me that people don’t listen very well in this world. This world being what my senses reach on a normal basis. Today there was a person at the library asking a coworker if we had a certain movie. She told him we didn’t have it in right now but we could get it for him if he had his library card. He asked if she could show him where it was. She explained that it was checked out right now and…

“Oh so when will it be back?”

And she explained that it was due back in a couple of days but didn’t have to go to our library so she couldn’t tell exactly.

“So I’ll come back on Saturday.”

And she tells him it won’t necessarily be here. If he would give her his library card she could make sure it would be here eventually.

“No no no. So I’ll come back on Saturday and it’ll be here?”

She explains that it might not be (but by this time she’s giving up and is saying “Well, maybe…”).

“So can I give you my name so you’ll hold it for me?”

She explains that’s why she’s been asking for his library card.

“Oh.” Long pause. “I know my name, though.”

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