book review: tales of neveryon

Tales of Neveryon is a Samuel R Delany book about civilization. Much like its sequel Neveryona, the stories talk about the different ways people organize themselves. Since I read the two books out of order it was a little odd coming upon these characters in this new way. My experience of Neveryona would have been much different if I’d read this first, but as it was I met these characters with the heroine from that book. Now I was learning a bit about their background. And more than that. There were creation myths and tales of courtly intrigue, plus frank discussions of money and its meaning and sexual preferences in regards to slavery (by the liberators of the slaves).

Really, though, this cover was the worst yet for a Samuel R Delany book. There’s a huge dragon (dragons in the book are kind of small and pathetic, unable to take off if they aren’t on a precipice) attacking people whose faces are all hidden. A bow is awkwardly placed so you can’t tell if the guy with the sword is holding it or if it’s flying through the air. Ugh.

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