sad frog

Last night’s storytime was not one of my best. It was the Royalty & Romance theme (unofficially since that name was verboten) but I messed up the order of my stories so I didn’t have time for the best one, the one I had puppets for. As the theory of storytime goes, you do your longer stories first so that by the time you’ve lost their attention you are switching books all the time and can maybe hold them with novelty. My first story was kind of long (though I shortened it a bit) and my mistake was not going to the puppets and book story right afterwards. Instead I sacrificed the art of the ensemble for getting a thing about how little a normal royal person does in. But then that one went longer than I expected, and I’d almost lost the boys in the audience, so I needed to do something silly (and with a boy protagonist since the first two had been about girls). Once that was done there was time for only one more story and it needed to be short. So my favourite got left in the cold. Le sigh.

But the kids didn’t seem to mind. Even the boy who is the hardest to keep focused was pretty good, though most of the stories weren’t really his thing. But last week we did dinosaurs, so I figure it’s a wash.

Afterwards my coworkers and I were talking about Storytimes and how much stuff they do/did for them. It was kind of funny to hear my supervisor say she wanted to do more puppet shows at the branch, when she was the one who told me in September not to do puppet shows “or the kids would expect them.” I don’t really mind because I don’t have a huge group I’m doing storytime for (usually 6-8 kids) and I’m a good/energetic/silly enough storyteller to keep them occupied for half an hour without gimmicks. For now.

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