little humans cannot refrain from using outside voices

I have new neighbours. One of them yells all the time. I assume he’s under 5 years old, since he doesn’t seem to go to school ever. Last night at the library there were a couple of young parents with their kids. The older one (4ish maybe?) was running around the library with his pants around his ankles. Then he’d trip and fall over and say “I ran into myself.” Ha ha ha cute until it’s been going on for 45 minutes and he’s yelling when his mom tries to put his pants back on and then screaming for 20 minutes when they’re trying to leave. All the staff are trying to ignore them because, dude, no one wants to be the library asshole who tells a mom/dad to take their kids outside or learn to parent. It’s amazing how tiring it is just to have a kid yelling for 45 minutes. I don’t even have anything to do with the kid and it made me tired.

The storytime kids on the other hand were just great. We did some dinosaur tales and even the really long one I started them off with went pretty okay. I skipped a couple of pages which made it make a touch less sense, but it worked out. There’s a new kid who is the most expressive listener ever. She makes all the appropriate faces at the scary or happy or exciting bits, and she was just filled with anticipation when we played the “Where’s the dinosaur hiding?” game. Next week is a bunch of stories about princes and princesses. We’ll see how that goes over with my primarily male audience.

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