i also helped some kids find pokemon books

Yesterday I signed up a kid for Storytime (which starts next week). Her dad was in and he was a little late 30s-ish Chinese man, who I liked instantly. He was working hard on his English but you could tell he was really thinking about it. I had to ask him to say the name of his street again before I caught it, but he didn’t even try to tell me his name or his kid’s name, just spelled them. I would have done the same thing if I were him, cause correcting the spelling if I don’t know how Guang is spelled is just going to be harder than it’s worth.

This is one of the good things about my delayed retreat from the branch; I get to do more storytimes. And I’ve got some kids I like from last time coming back.

Next week when I start it’ll be a winter theme, including a good Groundhog Day tale and a story called How Cold Was It? which I’ve done with older kids and has some good rhymey rhythms to it. I’m also doing a felt story version of The Mitten, a Ukrainian folk tale about animals who all climb into a lost mitten until it explodes. That one I’m not using a book for, just telling and illustrating with felt shapes. I’m actually practicing for it.

The week after that (if I’m still here – the boss may be interviewing someone sooner or later) is Demanding Dinosaurs and the week after that is Royalty & Romance. If I’m still around for that one I’m completely doing the Paper-Bag Princess as a puppet show.

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