book review: howl’s moving castle

I took this copy of Diana Wynne Jones’ book Howl’s Moving Castle out of the library on a friend’s recommendation. When she recommended it I thought I had seen the movie (Miyazaki did a version a few years ago), but as the story went on I realized I bought the DVD in China and then it didn’t work, so I didn’t know the story.

It’s a good thing I had that recommendation because this is the book with the ugliest cover I’ve read in years. But the story was much better. It’s about a girl who gets turned into an old woman and then becomes this wizard’s cleaning woman. There are quests and things going on all around and everyone sort of knows they’re in a story. It’s a kids’ book but in the way that Coraline or Stardust is a kids’ book. Everything worked out very neatly as you sort of knew it had to.

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