book review: count zero

I didn’t realize Count Zero was the source for the famous William Gibson phrase “The street finds its own use for things.” It’s a cyberpunk novel set in the Sprawl of eastern North America. It has the standard Gibson plot with houngans and badass street-samurai and all this stuff I first learned of in the Shadowrun RPG. Part of the source material though. Bobby Newmark is in here too, and I feel like that name is really famous or something (though I may be thinking of the RZA and Bobby Digital). Add in the fact that I read Count Zero’s sequel Mona Lisa Overdrive in the last few months and everything about this reading felt half-remembered. Which fit thematically. I do love the electroded way of jacking into the Matrix, and the ICE and all that. Even though it’s not how the future’s going to be I still love reading these things.

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