you want new content? i’ll speak of the weather

Friday was our staff Christmas/Going Away for the boss party. I had a very good time. Ate good food and talked about some library stuff and some not. I got to tell my “unacceptable Storytime theme” story to people who’d never heard it and who were properly flabbergasted. Met some of the people who I keep on hearing about but had never worked with. All in all a good time.

One of the former branchers quit the library and isn’t working anywhere right now. She said she’d looked at her life and asked if being a government employee was what she’d wanted out of her life when she was young and had dreams. It wasn’t, so she quit. And I filed that away in the “don’t work at the library forever” part of my brain. This is where working on the book is important. I still have the illusion that I am doing something interesting with my life. Although I haven’t heard what my first reader has to say about the first section yet.

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