it’s buy nothing day today isn’t it?

Down at the branch things proceed apace. I don’t have a start date for the new position yet, and am still plugging away at my supervisor’s work for three months from now. I’m almost done her entire winter session of Baby Rhyme Time handouts and wonder if she’ll set me to the spring session too. We have a New Year’s program happening that I haven’t done much (read: anything) to prepare for, but that’s okay by me as it isn’t my program and never was.

The Punjabi man who had problems printing a while back is still in every day working on his citizenship/residency application stuff. He asks me questions about spelling and letter formatting which I’m comfortable answering, but he also is asking me if the documents he has are the right ones and sufficient for what the government wants. Those questions I answer with the repetitive “I don’t know” since, funny enough, I am not an immigration lawyer. I think he said he was finishing things up today.

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