movie review: sunshine

Danny Boyle’s movie Sunshine (2007) is the first scifi movie I’d watched in a while. I’m reading a lot more SF recently and it occurred to me I hadn’t seen a movie set in space in a long time. So I took Sunshine out of the library and watched it. And while I liked it, I realized why reading SF works better: zero-G doesn’t cost anything extra in a book. It frustrated me to no end to watch this sort of realistic ship in the year 2057 or something let the people walk around on board like they were in Star Trek. Especially when there was cool good stuff like the hydroponic garden on board. But you can’t film zero-G for cheap. Sigh.

Other than that, Sunshine was pretty much the movie I wanted it to be. I’ve been noticing this a lot recently, that when I see a movie I’m seeing whether I would have made similar choices. I saw Pineapple Express (2008) this summer and completely recognized it as the movie I would have made at age 18. Sunshine has the stuff I would put in a movie now: the challenge that’s faced, the timing of the beginning, the choices made, the body count, Cillian Murphy (I just cannot look away from his face when it’s on screen). Maybe not some of the ending stuff.

All in all though, it wasn’t the best SF movie I’ve seen recently, but it was what I was craving, which it turns out was a less horrific Event Horizon. (My favourite recent SF flick being The Fountain (2006) which is exactly the movie I’d make if I were making one today.)

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