just a footnote

Storytime last night included a few kids getting a bit too into it, all standing up and trying to point out everything they saw on the pages, and I realized I’m really not equipped to calm kids down. I blame China, where I was so horribly boring a teacher I needed to jazz up everything and never did it very much. Five-year-olds are much easier to jazz up, as I have learned. Even though I did a story I really liked but that was way metaphorical about Fall being Mother Earth’s wild child who wouldn’t go to bed. Cool story; not so great with a bunch of kids who didn’t get it.

I have an interview for a new job downtown next week. My current job is a temporary position and if I reach the end of the temporary time and the person I’m replacing comes back then I get bumped back to being a bookstacking page. So I’ve been keeping my eyes open for permanent part-time positions that are a bit closer to home. This position I applied for includes working Sundays and a couple of 6 hour shifts a week so the same hours I’m getting at the branch, but condensed into fewer days. Which is nice. The other benefit would be not having to bike to work, as the main branch is within walking distance, so it’s cheaper.

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