Last night after storytime, grandma to one of the kids came to the desk and wanted to tell me that I “make storytime a lot of fun” (I bet if she was writing it out though, she’d have written ‘alot’). It was very sweet. The funny thing about it was my supervisor’s reaction: one of those surprised/impressed both eyebrows raised “Hmm” kind of things with half a wink hidden behind it. Like it was some big surprise that someone would like my storytime. Like I thought I’d bombed and then this comment had come to pick me up from the depths of my soul. But I still have pockets of confidence and they come out when I know I’m doing what I’m good at. Telling stories to kids is one of those things I don’t need someone to make me feel better about.

My boss and her insecurities would rather I thought myself not very good at this to keep her Superior status cemented, though I’ve clearly got the actual half-hour of storytime sorted. We’ll see how my story selection and stuff goes in January, since that’s a different set of skills.

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