and it’s raining again

I read Mona Lisa Overdrive yesterday. Finished it, I suppose. I do like William Gibson. Even his 20 year old visions of the future of cyberspace that don’t quite work any more. Do people get mad that their SF isn’t actually telling the future? I worry about that in my writing, that everyone who might read it will say well obviously he didn’t think at all about how life would really be. Because no I don’t.

Tonight I’ve got another storytime. The theme is All Grown Up. I figured out my order of stories last night in my second shift of the day. I did a split shift and while it wasn’t the most horrible thing in the world I think I can get by without them becoming a regular part of my schedule for now. In between shifts I walked as far north on the library’s street as you can walk. I came to a housing development a few hundred metres from what looked like the edge of the city. A check of Google Maps tells me what I thought was the Perimeter was not. I was still a couple of kilometres from the country. Oh well.

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