I have had an excellent 24 hours.

At the library last night I rocked the fuck out of my first family storytime. If there was any fuck in those kids when it started BAM! it is gone now. No, nothing traumatic occurred. I was just keyed up and silly and plowed through when I forgot words to the songs (or more importantly the rhythms the words went to). The kids, as predicted, loved helping me out when I made mistakes on Old MacDonald – “E-I-E-I-X!” – and I probably went a little overboard on that, but what the hell. I didn’t have to do anything to get them to settle down which was nice. There wasn’t a tonne of kid feedback, but that is one thing I’m used to from China teaching, so I just did my thing and let them follow along, still sort of shocked by the madman bouncing around up front.

After that, I finished reading the Graveyard Book and just loved the hell out of it. Very quick (of course – it is a kid’s book) but beautiful. The kind of book I wish I could read to the kids at the library as part of my Halloween program, but I’m told the attention span for stories without pictures is something like 3/4 of a page. When I was in elementary school teachers read chapter books to the kids, didn’t they? I was really hoping I’d be able to do like a ten page extract about the Danse Macabre, but I doubt it will happen.

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