i like my new job

I had a fine first week down at the branch. I got a phone call asking about the Sir William Stephenson Society on Thursday. Evidently they meet up down here. I imagine them discussing which of the Bond actors should play the spy known as Intrepid in a film version.

All the reference staff are friendly (and every second Wednesday I’m not the only guy). So often when I tell people I work at the library I get comments like “Ugh I’m sorry.” It seems a lot of people have had bad experiences with librarians. Especially older female librarians. Random people I’ve never met before have gone off about “those horrible old bitches” down at their library. Then they say “I’m sure you’re nothing like that.” Like I’m some kind of lawyer (I feel for you, Brian).

I get much more time to talk with my coworkers here, not pushing carts around the building in silence. On Thursday I was changing the status of some books and putting stickers on them to show that status while we sat around talking about the Olympics. Then a person comes up with a question and you try finding them something appropriate. And you have a chair. I feel a little ashamed that my pants won’t be wearing out at the knees so quickly anymore; that always felt good to me, like I was really working. The effects on my clothes aside, Reference is where it’s at.

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