i do not get a 00 license in this position

I have a new job! Starting in a couple of weeks I’ll be a level 3 Library Services Assistant working as a Children’s/Adult Reference person at a farflung branch. It’s kind of funny working in an organization that has levels. I feel like my XP count just surged after the DM had forgotten to give us anything for a bunch of sessions.

My job will involve answering questions at the reference desk (for both Adults and Children), making displays and doing things like Story Time and that kind of thing. I’ll be getting training for all the programmish kinds of things, which is good since my prior experience teaching Chinese university students may not be 100% applicable.

I’m pretty excited about it. I mean, if I’m going to have to have a job, one that’s all about getting good books into kids’ hands without having to sell anything is a pretty good option. All recommending things to people who haven’t become “too busy to read” or anything like that. And that branch doesn’t have anyone who knows anything about science fiction or fantasy so I’ll be like the resident SF expert. That is what my misspent youth of bookishness was for.

And I get paid a lot more too.

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