iterations on a theme

I learned that I’m second in line for the LSA 1/2 position I applied for a while ago. That’s not something that requires me to have passed the tests I’ve been doing. LSA 1/2s check in and out your books and collect your fines and sign you up for a library card. They’re interviewing someone else on Tuesday and if he doesn’t take it they’ll interview me. The boss said the person’ll probably take it, but that I should keep applying because there’ll be three more of these positions coming up in the next little while. I wouldn’t mind getting one of these jobs, but it wouldn’t stop me from applying for LSA 3 positions, which I’d like a bunch more.

This morning I finished reading a Samuel R Delany book, Empire Star. Holy shit, I cannot get enough of his work. And what’s great is that he’s been writing since 1960 something and for decades was published in cheapo paperback editions, which are very findable in used bookstores. I’ve deliberately stayed away from finding some master list of his books so I’ll never quite know when I’ve exhausted this vein of material.

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