even got to cash out

I didn’t page at all tonight. Just LSAing at the returns desk mostly. I checked in a lot of books and the time went much more slowly than normal. But it was probably a good thing because my legs are killing me from throwing myself around the frisbee field trying to maim friends and acquaintances on Saturday. I wasn’t really up for a lot of squats and such today. Plus I get paid a bunch more to LSA than page I think. A bunch being some number I’m not quite sure of.

Last week though, when I was cleaning up on the fourth floor I found a heap of the following books left behind by the same person:

  • 3 or 4 different chess books
  • 2 SAS Field Manuals
  • A Yoga book
  • A Pilates book
  • Control Your Drinking
  • The Fidel Castro Reader
  • Telephone Sales for Dummies

So what was going on in that guy’s life? (He wasn’t one of the homeless regulars, if that makes a difference.)

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