overheard complexity

I’m shelving picture books in Children’s and there are two young women with a stroller and a little kid running around/being carried. The non-stroller pusher is obviously pregnant.

Stroller: So you ready for all the diapers and shit again.
Pregnant: Eh, it’s not so bad this time. Jamie’s pretty excited. Not like last time with Marcus. He and my stepmom wanted me to get an abortion so bad… but I told them no way.
Stroller: Man, I wish my mom had told me to get an abortion.

The conversation went on with so many names being thrown around of kids step-fathers, step-siblings, exboyfriends’ girlfriends/stepmothers. I was trying to keep it all straight but it was like the first time reading a Russian novel where every character has 17 names. Though I don’t think anyone in the conversation was referred to twice.

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