look what taking myself seriously gets me

Tomorrow I get to wake up and go to work for 9am. I’m getting my LSA1 training. Also, I have been granted leave to go to China so I’ll have a job when I return. That’s pretty nice. It takes the urgency levels off some things and the many contingencies of What I’m Going to do with My Life 2008 Edition get shifted around accordingly. There is much less chance that I’ll leave town before my buddy’s sham wedding now. By next week one of the other major shapers of the contingencies should work out one way or another and I’ll be able to start shifting my plans accordingly.

It turns out the reason the leave approval took so long was because I’d mentioned in my “reason for requesting leave” that I was going to be doing some writing out in China. I used the phrase “for my other job as a freelance writer.” I thought that would add a bit of credibility to my request. Instead of saying I just can’t stand it here anymore this seemed a bit more professional. Everyone knows pages have other jobs. Who cares that I made a whopping $100 from mine last year? Apparently the City cares. They have strict policy of not allowing leave for “other job” reasons. The fact that I won’t be getting a paycheque doesn’t matter.

It’s hard to tell how strict that policy is though, since I did get my leave approved. The approver also said that I should ask for leave before I buy tickets, and that they generally weren’t happy with me. Meh. I’d thought I would be quitting and going to Cairo when I bought those tickets so then it didn’t matter. And I was prepared to walk away from the library to take this trip. It wasn’t an empty threat or anything.

Whatever. I get to go and maybe I get to cover some LSA shifts some day. Those pay a bit extra, I think.

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