the leave question

I asked for leave today. My supervisor filled out the form recommending it but told me he didn’t have the final say. It still had to go up to the business office for some other person to sign off on it. He said that office is getting stingy with these kinds of requests, so he also asked if it was okay if we might do something with my unpaid vacation time, and I had no problem with that.

The end of that conversation was when he asked, “Now, if this request isn’t approved what would you do?” And I kind of winced and told him I’d probably have to quit at the end of February. And he winced and said he’d go make sure that information was in his superior’s hands too. I was looking at the page scheduling for the next couple of weeks and I’m one of the top hour-getters (since I have no other job or school to schedule around). That could be hard (read: ridiculously easy) to replace, so I think I did the right thing by telling the truth about my options in a non-ultimatum-giving kind of way.

So we’ll see. I’ll hopefully hear on Monday. When I told my immediate supervisor (who brought it to the department head’s attention) she asked if I could take her with me. I didn’t tell her I was going carry-on only and she’s probably more than 100mL of liquid.

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