Today marks one year of working at the liberry. When I started I’d hoped I would be done being a page by May (07). Twas not to be. I kind of go in spurts of really disliking it (mostly when my thoughts start straying towards the future) and realizing how much worse a job I could have. I still wish I had a job that didn’t waste the hell out of whatever talents I possess (and one that would allow me to save a bit of money), but at least I’m not outside in the cold.

My passport came back today, loaded for panda. I’m good to go for China in March. All that’s left is my request for leave. And I’m keeping in mind that this is exactly the same situation I thought I would be in back on October 30th or whenever the day before I saw the Cairo posting was. Then it feels a little less like I’m a horrible failure at life.

Dude, I’m going to China for a month, that’s pretty cool.

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