three shallow cuts in my thumb

Today at work there was a note from some superiors complaining about the misfiled books in the 613s and 615s. These issues have been there for months upon month, but I heard a couple of the new pages sounding a little worried as they signed in. The sheer pointlessness of our jobs (at one level) hasn’t sunk into these pages yet. Books will always be out of order and we will always be putting them back and it will always be less efficient than some would prefer.

In April when I get back from China I’m going to have to start applying for better jobs in this system again. Not that my life will be complete if I become a part-time LSA, but to do something different. This whole “not going to Egypt because they suddenly want a real teacher” thing has got me all messed up because I really like term positions. I like having countdowns going. I was really looking forward to these being my last two months putting books on shelves. Just like by the end of three years in Cairo I would have been really looking forward to coming back to Canada. But this endless churn without a reset button is demoralizing.

And the fact that I have to ask for a leave in March rather than tell them I’m leaving, well that sucks too. I really really hate being reliant on the kindness of my superiors.

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