language in radios

At work last night security guards were hanging around the men’s washroom on the fourth floor while I was reading the shelves. There was a guy inside who was using a toilet that was out of order, but he was a drunk homeless guy and they weren’t sure if he was actually using it or just hiding or what. Eventually he emerged but only after I got to listen to what library security guards discuss on their radios. It’s not terribly exciting.

But I started reading a new book about philosophers Wittgensteins Poker by David Edmonds. It’s a million times more accessible than Kant and the Platypus but that’s mostly because it’s about personality clashes in one instant than it is about huge ideas. I mean, the clashes happen because they differ on big ideas. Yeah. But I did learn that my favourite linguistic tidbit is known as Moore’s Paradox. Also, did you know that tidbit is actually just Bowdlerized because Americans felt dirty saying titbit?

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