music from heaven

A few nights ago at work I found a disc from The Hour’s Disc Drop endeavour. The idea is that people make mix CDs and then leave them places to spread them around like the flu. Evidently the one I found started at Stradbrook and Osborne or something. It’s an okay disc with muy funky grooves at the beginning but then gets all electro-dancey at the end and I stop paying attention.

So yes, the title for this post is a bit inaccurate. Or maybe a little too accurate. I don’t know.

I’m impressed with how the disc-dropper managed to leave it in the (often smelly) new books area in the middle of a table after cleanup. The only person I saw around there was a big balding bearded guy (who always reminds me of Warren Ellis but in a more homeless kind of way). I don’t think he left it but he saw me pick it up. Maybe he thinks I’m part of a horribly unprofessional spy network, doing our dead-drops out in the open.

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