Yesterday I was at work and shelved a book. Many books. One was special. This is what it said on the cover:

The Prevention for All Cancers
Includes a three week program for curing cancer; also a program for pets.
With case studies for syncrometer tests. Plus simple instructions to make a zapper, plate zapper, zappicator and homeographic drops.

There was also a person whistling the Super Mario theme really loudly down the terrace. Possibly as a signal. More likely to be annoying. Remember how that kid in high school always played the Simpsons theme whenever he was in a room with a piano? That’s what this whistling reminded me of.

In a book I flipped open while shelf reading the following quote jumped at me:

At its best, art is dogmatic, eccentric and propagandist.
– Edward de Bono

I didn’t like it. The fact it was in the 155s with all the personality testing books and Andrew Weil stuff didn’t make me trust its conclusions about art either. This morning I read a line about an artist that is different.

Anne Laplantine is an artist, which means she thinks in unexpected and original ways with her emotions, and shows us the results of that thinking in pictures and music.

But now that I look at it more carefully, that doesn’t really address the propagandistic nature of art itself. And hers might be considered that. If you care, here’s the link to where I read that line.

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