working up north

Last night I worked at a different library for the second time. It’s so different in the little branches. First, there’re so few books to shelve it’s ridiculous. I did the first cart (nonfiction) in about ten minutes and when I was bringing it back the branch head asked if they called me Quick Draw McGraw downtown. They don’t. So on the second cart I slowed down a bit, but really, there’s only so deliberate a pace you can set when you’re putting away fewer than two dozen books. So I finished that cart and he made another “That was fast!” kind of comment but you could tell it wasn’t a “That’s good” kind of comment, but more of a “What the hell am I going to get this guy to do for the rest of his shift?” One more cart and that was done and so I did shelf checks and shelf reading and then turned off monitors and went home.

It’s nice to be at a different library sometimes just to break up the monotony of shelving another 6-9 cart downtown. I wonder if there’s ever a day when no one goes up to the fourth floor. Absolutely no one. That is something I’d like to see.

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