emo potato

At work today the South Asian guy who reads out loud was on the fourth floor while I was cleaning up. The only bit I caught clearly (though he’d been going on about the difference between Indian and Aboriginal for a while) was “I live in an Indian Ocean. On Zanzibar island.”

I truly wonder how many people with less seniority than our less than sharp page will end up quitting. If he were ahead of me for getting shifts and promotions there’s no way I could carry on. And he’s very aware of his rank which makes him all the more infuriating. He can’t do several parts of his job but he’s very concerned that he appear to be doing something.

It was funny today because it was just him and another page on the fourth floor (nonfiction, the big one) for about half of clean up. And he is almost useless. When I wandered up after finishing the second floor (cleaning up Biographies and DVDs goes pretty quick) the other page was very glad to see she didn’t have to cover the entire floor on her own. Okay, that’s not especially funny, but listening to him complain to her that yet another page and I were up there cleaning up the section she’d told him to work on was. He’s been there how many months and is worrying about whether he’ll get fired before he can get his pension if someone complains he’s not doing his job.

It’s a good thing I’ve had training in not being an asshole anymore, because the City has strict guidelines on what constitutes harassment/creating a hostile work environment. People who know me well could probably tell exactly how quickly I’d be fired for opening my mouth sometimes.

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