let the backbone slide

Today at work I was shelf reading in the poetry section (I got from 812.52 FRO to 812.54 DIC) and for the first time I remember it went really slowly.  I think it has to do with there being so many books by the same author and then the books about the author which go in the same section and it’s tedious to sort them all out properly because they’re all ancient and don’t have good information on the spines.

Last week I was shelving DVDs on the 2nd floor and a guy said, "You must know all about these things since you’re the one putting them away, right?" He had this overt wink and a nudge joviality to his question like he was trying to show how he was just a regular guy and knew it was the regular guys who know anything in this world.  He copped this attitude even though he was clearly a mid-level executive with shoes that cost more than my phone.  I said I knew a bit and he asked if I knew which DVD a certain short animated film would be on.  I couldn’t help him.  Unless I happen to be personally familiar with the book or DVD or whatever, all I know is spines.

Anyway, after my shelf reading I cleaned up the 6-9 section of the fourth floor.  It always amazes me how much a second pass over what’s already been cleaned manages to pick up.

Aren’t you glad I don’t blog about this stuff all the time?  Your eyeballs would implode from the excitement.  Yeah, that’s what that was, excitement.

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