low key drama

Yesterday I finally got the appropriate response to my cleaning up the library question. The last hour of every shift at the library is spent picking up all the books that patrons have strewn about the library. It’s a big building and people are messy so this goes on for a while. But there’s always someone who has a huge stack of books around them when time is running down. I circle a bit, keeping an eye on the stack to see if any of them are being used. If they are I don’t try cleaning them up. But even when I do get there I always ask, “Can I take these?” And everyone always says, “No they’re not mine” or just “No” while they push the books towards me. They never answer the question I ask, always thinking I’m asking “Are you going to be an asshole and hang onto those books for forever?” I admit that sometimes I ask “Are you done with these?” in which case the “They’re not mine” answer works. And now that I think of it that’s how it played out yesterday. So that’s not too exciting. Sorry.

The other day there was a guy with a prosthetic leg at the library. He was up on the fourth floor with his son, probably in his mid thirties or something. His voice was vaguely raspy. Wore a baseball hat. And had his leg lay discarded on the floor, while he was kicking back with his stump up on the table.

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