gratuitous cheap shot

So the other day I met a new page at the library. Now, I don’t really go out of my way to chat with my coworkers at this job, sort of like back in my undergrad days when I didn’t really talk to my classmates. I suppose the mindset is, “I’ve got friends I can call and go do stuff with right now and don’t have to waste time trying to decipher if I like you or not through tedious smalltalk.” I’m very friendly when people talk to me at work. Well, friendly enough.

In any case, this new page. He’s the kind of guy I figure one of my buddies helping in one of his many “assisting people in their lives” kinds of jobs. The page is pretty slow and gets confused by sorting things. Which is kind of the job, but whatever.

I only bring it up here because it’s kind of demoralizing to have my underachieving shoved up in my face. No illusions about the library needing me to actually be smart or anything. They just want a body that shows up.

Man, I hope I get one of these writing jobs. I could use an illusion of competence.

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