we’re at war; pick a side

Today at work (which I had swapped shifts for so another page could go to a wedding and ended up getting 3.5 extra hours out of the deal, keeping me in rent money a bit further into the merry merry month) I completely disappointed a patron.

He asked me to reshelve a video for him. I was far from the VHS section (on another floor to be exact) but said “Sure, toss it on my cart.” Then he went on about how the video was supposed to have a booklet with it but it didn’t and he hadn’t been sure if it was supposed to but he found out and it did and now he wasn’t taking it out. Don’t worry if that didn’t quite make sense. I’m pretty sure he just had a word slippage that caused him to sound like he wasn’t taking it out because it had what he wanted. He was kind of old and might have lost track of the details. I said, “Oh.” Then he told me how when I’m shelving things like that I should open them up and check to make sure they’ve got all the things in them that they’re supposed to. I kind of wryly smiled and said, “Well, my job’s just to put them back on the shelves.” This caused him no end of distress.

“I’m not talking about what you get paid to do!” he exhorted. “I’m talking about being dedicated to your job and doing what’s right! That’s the kind of thing that makes a difference in the world!” I didn’t tell him there are people whose jobs it is to check that kind of thing. I didn’t tell him that since stacking books isn’t the upper limit of my skill set I don’t feel the need to push myself all that often. I just smiled and said “Yeah, maybe it is.”

“It either is or it isn’t! There’s no maybe about it!” he said as he stormed off. To the public washroom.

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