ready to flee at a moment’s notice

A “You didn’t get the job!” notice arrived today from the City. So no branch job for me. I have a feeling those notices will start coming every week now, since I applied for a tonne of jobs with closing deadlines seven days apart.

I kind of laugh at how my work situation has worked out since I returned from China. I applied for a bazillion little newspaper jobs (bazillion may equal a dozen). Didn’t hear back from any of them. Oh good for me. I’d probably hate that anyway. I get told, “Dude, I can totally hook you up with freelance CBC Radio work” so I decide to move into a friend’s and stick around the city. That work never materializes.

Then I realize my money will run out eventually and apply at the library, where I get in! Yay! I should hope I get this job as I’m insanely overqualified for it. I hope to follow in an acquaintance’s footsteps and be a lowly page for a very short amount of time, as the pay is just enough to get me by until I get my hours cut by a third when summer begins. But it can’t be that hard to get something else; I’m in the system and that’s the main thing, right? It’s now three months in and I can’t get anything better than stacking books. I’ve got two weeks left before I lose my Sunday shifts. Ha ha ha.

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