goodish things

I forgot to mention the magazine I found lying in the drama section of the library yesterday. It was some little magazine for moms and it was lying there on a shelf next to the Beckett plays. I love it when I find things like that, some incongruous thing that’s been left lying in a section belying the vast and diverse interests people have.

That’s the one good thing about being a page. I have an actual reason to be in sections my interests wouldn’t lead me to browse in. I can sit in the romance section gawking at the shit people will read with a perfectly legitimate reason. It’s just like watching gay porn.

The other thing I love is the 000 section, which is where computers and paranormal phenomena and other things that nobody had thought of when the DDS was being created. I don’t need to be a page to love this though, and hope that I will be getting a non-page position in the next month or two.

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