amundsen, scott and shackleton

At work I was shelf reading (also known as reorganizing the things that patrons mess up through their “use” of the books) in the 900 section. I love the boundary number areas. Today’s example: Going from the 919.8s which are about Antarctica (and explorers of said continent) to the four books we have in 919.9 which are about space exploration, to the 920s: Biographies. What is the connection there?

I also was sorting some books on a cart and got two books (about the I Ching or something) next to each other with call numbers that were 194.325 JON and 194.325 WOO. I smiled. Oh and Miss America from 1995 has the name Whitestone, but on the spine of her biography our library tag has it split into three lines like so:


(The B is for biography.)

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