petty crimes

If I ever write a series of books, I’m going to make a point of having the titles be in alphabetical order. It always bugs me when I’m shelving fiction because we do fiction by author’s last name and then the title of the book. Which makes more sense from a workflow point of view since it doesn’t require you to know (or check inside the book) which is the most recent Discworld novel. But it pains me to put sequels before the original.

The whole Mystery section pains me as well. So many gimmicky titles, even if you set aside the cornucopia of “Dead” puns. Endless shelves of “[Letter of the Alphabet] is for [Alliterative Criminal/Legal Act]” and “[Gambling Terminology]” and “The Cat Who [Did Something Improbable At Least According to all the Cats I’ve Ever Known]” and “The Good [Noun].” That’s the part of my day that makes me a bit pissed off. All these people have books published in an endless churning cycle, while I … haven’t finished writing anything even approaching that length so I should just shut up. Also I know that my formative years were spent reading crappy mysteries just like all of those which gave me that tendency for “clever” titles.

But really.

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