fun in new books

Here’s the best thing about the library:

A dialogue in two parts (featuring an old guy in a beard and an old guy in a hat)

Beard: “… but sometimes I just sing out.”
Hat: “What do you mean you sing out?”
Beard: “In my heart. Where do you sing out?”
Hat: “I don’t know if I do.”

Later these guys were arguing over whether they were arguing or just sharing their opinions. That wrapped up amicably with the following exchange.

Hat: “You know, you’re going to make it to the kingdom of heaven before me.”
Beard: “What are you talking about?”
Hat: “The kingdom of heaven. You’ll get there before me.”
Beard: “Why?”
Hat: “Because you’re a better person than me.”
Beard: “How can you say that?”

The other day when I was wearing my red T-Rex shirt a woman came up to me asking why lawyers don’t wear red and followed up with the following monologue before wandering off. “What would you have to do to have a lawyer for a friend? It must be nice. Don’t worry dinosaur, humans won’t be around forever. All the people will end up like you someday.”

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